Educational Institutions

Ontario College of Business and Technology (OCBT)

Ontario International Secondary School (OISS)

OCBT Flight Centre

Financial Institutions

The Bestway Education Group’s collaboration model with leading Financial Institutions empowers international students to meet the application guidelines of the requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada study permit and provides them access to funds to help them pay for their tuition fee along with living expenses while studying in Canada. BWEG along with the Financial Institution Partners strives to provide the financial freedom to its international students to help them focus on their studies and allow them to feel at home while studying in Canada and to contribute to Canada’s overall growth and development.

Some of the salient features:

  • Specially designed educational loan

  • Quick and easy loan processing

  • Minimal documentation

  • Lower than market rate Interest rates

  • Special scholarships

  • GIC purchase

  • Direct fee payment into Canadian Bank account

Consortium Collaborations

Bestway Education Group (BWEG) invites global institutions to be a partner and support your student’s global dreams. Help us in bringing together regional and global pedagogy for the youth of your country. The partnership aims to combine the comprehensive skills and knowledge from domestic and international sector to create future leaders.


  1. Market Advantage – A partnership with BWEG gives you access to a typically hard-to-reach market segment of Canadian Education Sector – with a variety of program offered in Business, Health, and Technology
  2. Community Investment – A partnership with BWEG contributes to the community and enhances the growth of the youth. We aim to broaden personal perspectives, there is an infinite number of experiences out there. Let your students achieve them.
  3. Brand Alignment and Profile – A partnership with BWEG let you align your brand with a best practice of the Canadian Education Industry